Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 31/05/2012

And now this one.. for a cheese

HaHaHaHaHa… HaHaHaHa…. ….. …..HaHaHaHa…. the BBC really do have a fantastic sense of humour. After my rather derogatory blog about journalists (I’m only jealous as they’re paid to write!(of course I do this for the love)) recently they seem to have taken it personally and are taunting me. The Beeb website ran a story today warning walkers to “stay away from adders” mentioning that over 200 people have been bitten by the UK’s only venomous snake over the last two years (I told you that didn’t I, Dear Reader?!?) . Stay away… STAY AWAY.. I wish I had to seriously consider avoiding these snakes rather than my current situation, where I’m desperate to see one. To add insult to injury, the interviewer when presented with two live snakes, one grass snake, the other an adder said “They’re hard to tell apart”…. HARD TO TELL APART… perhaps if you lack the ability to see (and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemies (not that I have any)) then they might be but they are clearly different. CLEARLY! Oh and apparently, now should be a good time to see female snakes as they will be rather sluggish as they will be pregnant. Actually, more than seeing a wild Adder, I’d dearly love to see new born adders as I bet they look incredibly cute (as mentioned before rather than laying eggs as the majority of reptiles do, adders give birth to live young).

I’m feeling rather smug at the moment, whilst listening to one of my favourite radio plays I inadvertently got roped into a game of Trivial Pursuit.. I wasn’t invited but as the actors read out each questions to one another, I couldn’t help joining in. The first question, a literary one, was “for a cheese”… Jean Paul Sartre said “Hell is….”* With my first “wedge” under my belt I started answering any and all questions, the next one was probably easier**.. “Name the Bizet opera that featured the toreador song”***. If they hadn’t have stopped when they did, I’d have had more cheese than the fermented curd counter in Waitrose (or that bass playing bloke from Blur’s farm).

*Starter for ten.. did you get it? Sartre said “Hell is other people”.. well, actually he said “L’enfer, c’est les autres” but then he would… he was French!#
** My mum was an opera buff and so I’ve grown up listening various Arias blasting out on a Sunday morning as chores were done around the house.
# and if you’re a regular to this blog you might remember I’ve mentioned this phrase before. I remember reading Sartre’s Iron In The Soul as well as Nausea – now I’m lucky if I can read the gas meter.


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