Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 25/05/2012

Don’t want to crow about it (yes, I know it’s a rook)

Rook, originally uploaded by

Today has been so warm that the wireless temperature sensor that is fixed to the playhouse out in the middle of the back garden and relays back to a base station in our kitchen decided it would stop doing it’s job, open a tinnie and kick back for a while instead of sending temperature readings for us to see. When it finally decided to do some work, instead of lounging about, drinking and generally being unhelpful – it reported that outside was 27C which is pretty good for 6pm in the UK, in May but I suspect the sensor was lying, Dear Reader, and instead of actually sensing.. it made up what it thought was a reasonable temperature reading, one that us non-meteorologically trained laymen would accept. Actually, 27C does sound about right (you see it’s planned worked).

Whilst in the kitchen, at one point today, I saw just how intelligent crows (other Corvids are available and as bright) can be. With the warm weather upon us, any moist foodstuffs put out for the birds can soon become fairly desiccated with such an intense heat upon it; Crows et al., whilst having a strong enough beak to deal with the comestibles put out for them have enough nous about them to find an available water source, such as the dish we put out throughout the year, and then submerge their plunder until it’s more palatable. Clever.


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