Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 17/05/2012

Noble, No Bull

May 2012, originally uploaded by

It may seem fairly trivial news, but the new battery for my smartphone arrived yesterday (fully charged!) and I can’t say strongly enough what a relief it is to have my phone working again. In the interim I’ve been using a Nokia E61, a good phone in its day… 2006 but it lacks so much of the online applications that have made today’s smartphones so successful. Admittedly, it hasn’t hampered me any – it’s just so much easier on my “real phone”.

Looking through this week’s rare bird alert there’s an inordinate amount of interesting and rare birds from far flung corners of the globe through the UK. From Snowy Owls in the Outer Hebrides, to a magnificent male King Eider in Aberdeenshire, White Storks and Red-rumped Swallows all over Britain, and ever a flock of 10 Bee-eaters seen over London – it’s certainly interesting if you can get to see them. Sometimes, thought, things closer to home can be just as interesting – out in the garden this evening playing out nightly game of football and a male Bullfinch with a twig in its beak landed on a nearby tree. Our raucous calls ensured that the bird didn’t stay on its perch for very long and I was kicking myself, instead of the ball (good trick if you can do it), at scaring it away. I should have known, of course, that it might take something more than two people kicking a ball about to scare off such a magnificently dressed bird – and within 5 minutes it had flown back into some bushes along our border with more nesting material. I will now stationing an armed, around the clock, guard in our garden to ensure that the Bullfinch have the best opportunities to nest, so that we get to hear the patter of tiny feet around the garden!

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