Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 16/05/2012

Dandelion Time.

May 2012, originally uploaded by

Despite, or possibly because of, a slight nip in the air I decided to visit a different nature reserve today in the hunt for these elusive adders. With my camera gear on my back, and my best foot forward, arriving at the reserve I was greeted with a profusion of bird song… dunnock, wren, great tit, and a number of finches were all in good voice. I skirted around a couple of lakes, stopping to see what wildlife was present I was amazed at the height of the water in each of the lakes. In the three or four years I’ve been to the reserves, it’s the highest I’ve ever seen it, so much so that I couldn’t see the bottom from either of the boardwalk areas.

With only a coot milling around the waters edge, I headed off for my intended destination to try and spot some snakes; crossing a meadow festoon with buttercups, I checked under a number of metal sheets put out for cover and to help snakes gain heat first thing in a morning but the only thing I found were several twigs, one ants nest and several empty snail shells. I WILL see and photograph adders in the wild in the UK.

Scanning the industry press websites today, there are rumours that Canon will be entering the mirrorless camera market first started by the micro four-thirds consortium. Canon are actually quite late to this segment and could well have missed the boat with such established players as Panasonic, Olympus and even Sony having numerous models already to market. I do hope that when it’s announced, designers have taken their styling cues from their rangerfinger camera of the 60s and 70s, the Canonet rather than their iconic AE-1 SLR in the way Olympus have with their OM homage, the OM-D. I love Olympus’s E-PL range to bits, but for me the OM-D is a step too far down the retro road – I can’t understand why, with a mirrorless camera, there would be need for the large protuberance on the top of the camera for the prism when the camera no longer needs a camera… perhaps it’s a housing for a second battery, or even more memory storage. Let’s hope, what ever Canon come up with, it adds innovation and more importantly… affordability.. oh hang on, it’s Canon we’re talking about!

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