Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 15/05/2012

Eye Phone

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Having followed the light leak issue with the new Canon 5D III quite closely, I was rather amused at the final fix for the issue. Unlike the 1D III focus issue which was a PR disaster for the company, Canon jumped on this issue very quickly and produced a resolution even quicker. No sooner had a repaired camera been released into the wild then some curious sole down in Australia had taken it apart to compared to one that had not been fixed to see what modifications had been done to fix the problem. I certainly appreciated the efforts Canon had gone too, as they would have been as sophisticated as any modification I would have made – the area was covered over with some black insulating tape…. not very high tech but it has fixed the issue. Anyway, who’s to say there’s anything more sophisticated in the 1D4 (aah, but it would at least be AWESOME black insulation tape!).

Another piece of technology that amused me today was a convertor that allow you to use your standard Canon EF lenses with the camera on an iPhone. At first it seems quite a laugh, the ability to hook up the two pieces of kit, especially when you think you could connect it to my 600mm (if I had an iPhone, which I don’t) but unlike other frivolous bits of kit, this one isn’t £20-£30, but in the hundreds of pounds – not something to be purchased on a whim, that’s for sure.

Carrying on with high pricing, you’ll all know my gripe over the recent prices announced for new gear from Canon, and that they seem at kilter to the current economic climate – my gast was even more flabbered today when I saw that cost of lenses announced earlier in the year has increased. Amazingly, the already expensive 600mm II has increased to $12,999! Certainly a lot of work goes into building these lenses, but still… $12,999! I might well have to see whether I can just downgrade to the iPhone!


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