Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 09/05/2012

The Number Of The Beast

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After a quiet couple of months, things are kicking off again and before I know it I will need to put a date in my diary to catch my breath. Each country has its own greeting response – “have you eaten yet”, “what have you eaten”,”where are you going”,”where have you been” – the phrase of the “noughties” appears, in the Occidental world, to be “busy” in the same way the ‘90’s was “stressed” and ‘80’s was “loadsamoney”. One of these days, when someone responds as such I will question exactly what they are busy with… browsing the internet aimlessly, posting on facebook, tweeting. Can you tell this is one point that gets me on my soap box? I won’t tell you what other annoyances get my goat (cliches… have I mentioned that before?) after all I don’t want to give an opportunity to needle me, Dear Reader, though knowing you now as I do – I very much doubt you would do such a thing!

I blame the rain, you know… my grumpiness, my lack of bonhomme, my… well, you get the drift. I shouldn’t be any of these things, today has been a pretty awesome day but still.. it’s raining. Last night I drove home rather fast from seeing Avengers Assemble (a silly but highly entertaining movie where lots of things are blown up or shot – well, you didn’t expect to see Mr Darcy as one of the Avengers did you?) with the roof of my car down at 10pm, the overhead road lights creating light trails in my peripheral vision – today I’ve had a call from the zoo about more photo courses, helped two people with photographic websites and… got a call from my Dad to say the Kenya trip is on (well done Dad, best news of the day). In little over 5 weeks, Dad and I are off on safari again to the incomparable Masai Mara. That doesn’t leave long for all the necessary planning – first on the list is to ensure my jabs are all up-to-date; I’m pretty sure they are but better safe than sorry. Oh lummy, it’s just hit me that I also need to start writing the blogs for the days I’ll be away, as well as for those I’ll be missing in August – I’d better save anything else I had to say for those.. either that or find more things to talk about!

* Today’s blog is number 555, 111 away!


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