Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 05/05/2012

Spare Any Change, Guv’nor?

It’s a bank holiday weekend in the UK, which usually means the weather takes a turn for the worst however, so far, we’ve been pretty lucky and whilst it’s not exactly been warm the lighting conditions have been favourable. I’m hoping this continues into tomorrow as I have a photo opportunity that I’ve wanted for a long time… to photograph some short eared owls. With their startling piercing orange eye, these medium sized owls are very dramatic looking and a personal favourite amongst the owl family. I have seen one in the wild once before though not in a position I could easily photograph it – tomorrow’s opportunity promises to be much better and I may well get a few pictures of these amazing birds. Hopefully.

I blogged earlier in the week how the moon tonight will be at its closest to the earth than it will be for the rest of 2012, a perigee moon as it’s termed. The light in the last 15 minutes has dropped to a point where the moon might be visible… in fact, hang on, I’ll be back in a minute….nope, it’s still too light at the moment, despite being past 9pm. Whilst it still isn’t completely dark outside, I don’t expect to be able to see the moon – there’s far too much cloud cover to spoil the view…typical.

I’ve mentioned how I’m a big fan of cloud services, despite the number of logins I have for the numerous services I use. I’ve had a hotmail account for over 15 years, almost as long as the service has been available and as the years have progressed more and more services have come online. One of Microsoft’s offerings that I’ve overlooked until the last month or so is the associated Skydrive service. This is essentially a large file server which provides a 7Gb storage allowance.. well, it did until recently -for those using the service for any length of time, Microsoft are offering a free upgrade, for a limited time, to 25Gb. If you have a Hotmail account, log into Skydrive you may well have a similar upgrade waiting for you for a limited time.

Whilst I’m offering advice left right and centre, I have another for you.. always keep some spare change in your pocket when you’re out with your camera gear. Fifty pence or two pence are particularly useful, it’s not like it’s easy carrying other tools with you out in the wild when you need to tighten the tripod mount plate screw to the lens/camera.

Right, off out again to see whether I can photograph the moon.



  1. I bought a new tripod for myself for Christmas last year. It has handles and such so that I don’t have to carry spare change anymore. There’s not a standard screw of any type anywhere on it.

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