Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 04/05/2012

Wasted Opportunity

Rhea, originally uploaded by

And whilst we’re on about technology, I don’t know how many email accounts you have, I have a good few and the thing that drives me crazy… okay… crazier… is when, without thinking (and that’s the problem), I type in the wrong address into the wrong login prompt. It’s not a big deal, I know, but running a number of websites, web 2.0 services (ie Flickr), email accounts etc. it can get a little wearing. Of course, as I’ve already alluded, it’s all my own fault as I’m not really paying attention.. still, it drives me mad. You may well have seen, of late, how a number of websites are using external services for a unified method of authentication – something that is sorely needed. Of course there will come a time when, a bit like a social security/national insurance number, you will have one single identity online from which all services will use authenticate their services from – the thing is the technology has existed for a long time in the form of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol or LDAP for short. I won’t get technical on you here, mainly because I can’t but as well as a number of well known commercial version, such as Microsoft’s Active Directory, Oracle’s Identity Management and IBM’s Tivoli Directory Server, there are free versions you can implement yourself – and more importantly read the source code. It’s not that big a leap to implement the free stuff to unify all services, all which can be secure, all which can work independently, but together… a bit like Lord of the Rings… one ID to rule them all. (and all that just to stop my keying in the wrong ID each time!)

I bought some beautiful pink gerbera earlier in the week to help brighten up the house in what has been the wettest April in the UK on record. I was attracted to their gentle pink colour, unusual for gerbera which always seem to be a very vivid hue, and the unusual bit was the white edging to each petal. As well as bring a bit of colour to the kitchen I had planned to take some photos of these beautiful flowers but haven’t seemed to have the time this week. Just when I’d thought the flowers were past their best… and they were… another photo opportunity presented itself, with all the petals of one flower drooping down low which whilst looking rather forlorn did look even more attractive. Guess what… the window of opportunity was shorter than my window of availability and the petals are drooping just a little too much now. Whilst sorting out my office , I found a kind of joke ring my parent gave me for the inscription – a favourite of mine…. Carpe Diem – Carpe Camera would be more appropriate this week, seeing as I’ve hardly used the camera this week. Come rain or shine.. it will be out tomorrow, as will the Gerbera which are now ready for the recycling.



  1. We had the wettest April here that I can remember in the 18 years I’ve been here.

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