Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 22/04/2012

Rhinos… they ain’t pointless!

White Rhino, originally uploaded by

I’ve never been much of a movier goer, which might not be apparent from the number of celuloid references that creep their way into this blog. With a recent offer on GroupOn from LoveFilms I did make an effort to catch up on a number of films where snippets from the film have found their way into the public lexicon – one such film as “Taxi Driver” – and I have to say it wasn’t quite the movie I was expecting, even on the second watching. Ensconsed in my hotel room with little else to do before tomorrows photographic course (which of course, was today’s course – however with a little bit of spare time on my hands I thought I’d write today’s blog yesterday (“Stop, before it gets even more confusing”, Ed.)) I’m watching, for the first time (I did say I wasn’t much of a movie goer) One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. My lack of movie knowledge, of course, doesn’t exclude me from expounding on something I know little about, such is the way today – so my first observation is the number of well known actors who are in this film. Whilst I may not, in fact I definitely don’t, know the names of many or any of the stars in the film I do recognise most of the people – in fact I’d be interested in looking up the chronology of the film and whether this film was instrumental in kickstarting the film careers of the players in this film. Obviously there’s Jack Nicholson, who I’ve only ever enjoyed watching in “As Good As It Gets” (not difficult when the only other film I’ve ever seen him in was when he played Joker in Batman) but who I’m very impressed with but other players are Danny DeVito, Doc from Back to the Future. I do have to say, depsite my aversion to “talkies” I am rather enjoying Nicholson’s performance.

Like any good presenter, I am of course just filling for time; the course will run from 8am until 5.30pm after which I’ll be having a meeting with the Zoo’s Business Manager, George, to discuss the day, as well as future projects – and with a 3 hour trip home, I’m anticipating a very late evening. I know I said I wasn’t going to write “A Blog A Day” after 2011’s mammoth year, but it does seem to have just happened (perhaps I’m addicted to talking drivel and publishing it on the Internet!) so I thought I’d try and get ahead of the game and use the spare time I have today to be able get “ahead of the curve” – good job – I’ve just got back very late despite a good run and I’ve 12 minute to finish this blog before we clock over to the next day – meaning I will have missed one day from my consecutive 16months blogging… and that ain’t going to happen. So if this blog is incoherent, or disjointed, well I apologise, Dear Reader, I’ve been awake for 19 hours straight and more than a little tired. I’ll correct mistakes, spelling, grammatics and facts (“There’s a first”, Ed.) tomorrow and also recount what actually happened today, will of course be yesterday, when I write it tomorrow. Oh dear, my brain hurts… Good Night, Dear Reader, until tomorrow.


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