Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 21/04/2012

Please Bear With Me!

I don’t have access to a reliable Internet connection today and as such I’m not too sure how or rather where I’m going to have drive to be able to connect to a free wifi hotspot. Luckily, as part of the package I’m on with my Service Provider I can connect to their countrywide Wifi network, the only thing is I have to now go and find it. I am being a bit tight (skin flint, cheap, or frugal as I prefer to call it) here, as there is internet connectivity available in the room, but for a rather high price that I’m not prepared to pay so instead I’m prepared to use up the rather costly fuel that I need to get back home to try and find a free connection. In the past I would have used my mobile phone as a wifi hotspot to allow my laptop to access the internet but despite the delivery of a new phone yesterday, I’m still having real issues with my mobile and so this isn’t an option.

Of course, if you’re reading this for the first time none of the above paragraph will make any sense; after taking my son to football this morning, taking a few photos for the club into the bargin, I then hotfooted my way, 200 miles, down to Dartmoor Zoo ready for tomorrow’s early start where I will be teaching a photographic course for the second time there this year. On arrival I was allowed to progress up the long steep inclined driveway to parking in front of the Jaguar Cafe; this is one of the perks I’ve achieved through my relationshiop with the zoo (the people that is). I met my old friend, George, in the restaurant and we spent 10 minutes going through the agenda for tomorrows course and then another two hours recounting various wildlife anecdotes as well as future plans. Look forward to some big news in the next few months centred around me and the zoo (in a photographic capacity… I’m not going to be one of their new exhibits).

Whilst I ran into rain (not literally, I was in the car) on my journey down through the West Country, all during my time at the zoo the skies were blue with fluffy white clouds dotted across them and the glorious late afternoon sun was illuminating the park beautifully. In spite of this, all my camera gear remained stowed in the various bags I need these days in my car. I’m not anticipating taking many, or any in fact, photos tomorrow – as my total focus will be to ensure that the course attendees have an enjoyable time on the course and hopefully learn something into the bargin! whilst I’m sure the photographers will have a memorable day (we’ll be going through the lion house tomorrow to an area the general public are not allowed to go – and this always makes for a memorable day), with me teaching I’m not sure how much of the later will happen!


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