Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 12/04/2012

The White Stuff

White Tiger, originally uploaded by

It’s evident that those remote plateaus as seen in numerous Hollywood movies are real and have been harbouring ancient, now thought extinct species – how else could you explain why there was a Sabretooth Tiger at Paradise Park when I visited? The white colouration is due to a recessive gene that, in the wild, would affect only one in around 15,000 tigers however proportionally the number is higher in captivity. Such genetic aberrations do not aid the longevity for such animals in the wild, evolution occurs for a reason and unless you’re a polar bear, arctic fox etc. white is generally not a good colour if you want to blend in with your environment. Having said that, with long dagger like teeth coupled with the sheer power and speed of these magnificent cats, I don’t think the wild variants would have issue surviving in the wild, though they may be a bit hungrier than their orange coloured brethren.

For the size of this tiger, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such long teeth on a big cat before – hence my reference to Sabretooth tigers earlier on. Whilst visiting zoos and talking to the Big Cat keepers, they’re always interested to see the state of their Cat’s teeth as it appears to correlate to the health of the creature. If that’s the case, then this animal looks in top condition – in fact all of the cats were in good health, and amazingly amenable numerous of the Big Cats being hand fed through the cage bars without a snarl or growl. This could of course be fatal, should I forget that these are only distantly related to the domestic cat when I’m on safari next and try and get out and tickle the tummy of a Mara Lion!

I’m still wading through the 16Gb, 1680 photos from Paradise Park, and I have nearly 1800 photos from last Saturday’s football which I still haven’t reviewed yet – and there’s more to come yet. Not only do I have another football session on Saturday followed by a day at Whipsnade Zoo on Sunday. I bought an 8Tb file server at the end of 2010, which with the various data replication mechanisms provides 6Tb of storage. That’s a lot of data…. 6,144Gb…. 6,291,456Mb – that’s a lot of photos, nearly 600,000 of them – and whilst I only (ha.. ONLY) have 180,000 images I seem to have only 1.5Tb free enough for around 140,000 more photos. Whilst I did study mathematics as a module for the first year of my degree, I don’t think I need to rely on that to see that there’s something on the Server that is consuming space that should be reserved for the preservation of my digital output. I think I need to get tough and start deleting (once I’ve located the offending data) images that don’t cut the mustard.. that should give me at least 5.9Tb of free space!


  1. I just passed the 73,000 image mark. I’ve got some catching up to do! lol

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