Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 10/04/2012

Would You Adam And Eve It!

Cheetah, originally uploaded by

What a day… what a day. We started out relatively early with two objectives today, and whilst one of our objectives took far longer than we had anticipated, it didn’t mar the whole point of today, a trip to Paradise Park, Hertfordshire but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Regular readers will probably sick of me lamenting over my broken 600mm prime lens.. well, you’ll be rejoicing now when you here I took a detour out of my journey to visit Canon’s service centre in Elstree. Many moons ago in a galaxy far far away, I used to work for a company in Borehamwood which lies adjacent to Elstree and for the 18 months I was located there I knew most of the roads around the area however instead of really looking at various maps before setting off (we don’t own a Sat Nav – I’m old Skool, I like proper maps) I relied on a print out from google maps with just the directions on. This wasn’t the best plan as our 30 minute detour took over an hour. I finally managed to get google maps working on my tablet, through a mobile phone, orientated myself and was furious that the road we had turned off would have taken us directly to Business Park where Canon’s Service Centre is located. Not terribly exciting I know, but it does mean I should have my lens back home in about 10 days time… and I’ll be counting the hours until it returns.

I haven’t been to Paradise Park for probably 15 to 18 years and if it weren’t for the sign and the location I wouldn’t have thought I was at the same zoo; obviously in that time, the plants, trees and bushes have all matured but the owners have spent a lot of money producing some truly unique enclosures and most of them had fantastic vantage points of the animals from a photographic point of view. I’ll save anecdotes of the various highlights from the day for subsequent blogs, there were quite a few awesome experiences that I won’t forget in a hurry.. if I do have a momentary memory lapse (or senior moment as they’re more politely called) just say leopard, cheetah, and tigers to me.

Today’s blog seems to be about very little indeed – but it’s been a tiring day and I’m afraid what little brain cells I have left have shut up shop for the day. If you’re lucky (or unlucky, Dear Reader, depending on your point of view) I should be back on form tomorrow!

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