Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 07/04/2012

Just like me.. but on a good day!

Sealion, originally uploaded by

Today has been another full-on day, and if I’m not careful I’ll be asleep before I finish this blog though I’m not sure you’ll notice the difference in the quality of writing anyway. As mentioned yesterday, this morning was spent at the kids football, though for once I didn’t stand on the sideline for the duration – I was ensconced, warm and snug, in my car with a mug of hot coffee, my Android tablet, listening to a program on Radio 4 which was discussing wildlife travel with a number of well known guest speakers from the world of nature photography and journalism – one who I’ve met a couple of times, one who I want to meet and one whose job I want!

Despite missing half of the soccer session I still managed to take 1798 photos and now have the daunting task of sorting through the 20Gb of photos to provide the club with images I feel are good enough. There are a couple of new starters at the club, and a couple of accompanying parents on the sideline, parents who haven’t seen me photographing before. As an opening line, one of the mothers said that I certainly looked very professional, to wit I replied that looks can be deceiving – one of my typical self-deprecating lines I respond with – however one of the Dad’s replied back before I’d even finished my sentence with a very heartwarming few words – “Andy, you’re just too modest!” That fair set me up for the day.

My Dad called in to see us today, on his way home and took us all out for dinner to a restaurant we’ve been to a number of times over the years. Whilst the eating establishment is still under the same ownership, the menu has changed quite a bit with only a few items on the menu that I recognised from previous visits – what has this got to do with my wildlife exploits, I hear you ask? Well, with my first choice of Wild Boar and Chorizo having already sold out – I had to go with my second choice, Breast of Guinea Fowl with Chorizo. My Dad did question how I could order something I’d last seen on the planes of the Masai Mara, a beautiful bird which we watched chance the jaws of death as it came within 5 feet of four huge recumbent lions. Whilst I would love to protect every species on the planet, I’m still a carnivore (strictly speaking an Omnivore unless Chocolate is re-classified as a type of meat)


  1. sleeping like a baby 🙂 what a peaceful shot.

  2. very cute! 🙂

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