Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 06/04/2012

Compare the Market!

Meerkat, originally uploaded by

I don’t believe the weather at the moment – yesterday was cold, grey and rather uninspiring from photographic light level point of view – today couldn’t have been more different, the sun was out, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Bristol Zoo didn’t disappoint and whilst I wasn’t in my standard click fest, I did manage over 8Gb of photos which I’ve only just managed to upload to my laptop to review. The first few photos, one of which has found it’s way as today’s image, were of the inevitable and ubiquitous Meerkat. As mentioned, they’re not my favourite zoo animal, but they are a good commercial subject – hence it’s appearance on Flickr and the blog today.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back at the kids football with my camera gear after which I’ll be taking a few days off before heading off for even more wildlife photography but between then and now you’ll have some new animal photos from Bristol Zoo.


  1. Nice portrait!

  2. Not my favorite zoo animal either but people love them! Wonderful shot! He (or maybe she) is so cute and you’ve captured the little guy at just the right moment… He is staring your camera down! Great photo and post!

  3. Great shot, you captured this little fellow so beautifully

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