Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 04/04/2012

Thru The Flowers*

Flower, originally uploaded by

Please don’t feel neglected, Dear Reader, I do still love you you know (in a Manly way of course) but we have friends staying over and I’m afraid the blog has taken a bit of a back seat. There will be a bit of a reward, as one of our days out we may well be going to a favourite zoo of mine (I know I know, they all seem to be my favourite.. but after Dartmoor Zoo and Whipsnade, Bristol Zoo is one I love visiting) so you may have some nice animals photos to view (if someone else takes them otherwise you’ll just have to put up with the same old tat that I post!).

I’ve spend most of the day cooking, which I enjoy almost as much as I do taking photos, watching wildlife, listening to music (I seem to be into lists today, sorry) – it’s another avenue that allows me to express my creative side, though I have of late actually followed a few recipes… well, it’s more a case of using a few recipes as a guide and then embellishing on them. Luckily, no-one has died from my experimentations… so far.

Whilst I have over 180,000 digital photos stored on my network filer (it’s a kind of file server), and despite having only 3,163 photos on Flickr, I don’t have any new photos to post after today’s photo. There’s probably loads more images (“Roughly 176,837…. at a guess”, Ed.) I could upload but that would mean trawling through folder after folder to find photos I could use. With the increase in file size, and storage capacity I should have upgraded my network infrastructure which is some 12 years old now (it was fairly cutting edge then, now it’s more than a bit blunt) but as network switches aren’t that exciting (unless you’re working at corporate level, such as the Extreme range of switches) it’s one of the last things to be upgraded. Both my PC and network filer support Gigabit Ethernet, which would alleviate the issue of shifting large amounts of data around but spending £50 on a network switch is £50 that I’m not spending on camera gear. Mind you, with the need for a new PC, I might well factor in a new switch at the same time – so I can be a lean mean photo-processing machine (well, not sure about lean, and personally I find being called mean quite hurtful, but I do like the photo-processing machine bit).

Night night, Dear Reader, until tomorrow.

* The first single by The Primitives released in 1986 – in preference to their more saccharine version released as a B-side a year later.



  1. Beautiful shot! I love the side angle. Thanks for taking the time to write so thoughtfully! You have a wonderful blog here 🙂

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