Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 03/04/2012

There’s a Hole In My Bucket….

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What is this odd stuff falling from the sky – I seem to recall, way back, similar stuff precipitating from the heavens but for the life of me I can’t think what it was and when it last happened. Yes, Dear Reader, today.. da-da daaaaaaa… it rained, albeit for a short time but the sky did darken covered by proper big black* clouds such as a child would draw and then as soon as the downpour had started than it was over again (though there wasn’t any parting of clouds and heavenly choirs). The UK, despite its reputation, desperately in need of a prolonged spell of rain – as mentioned previously (sorry, we don’t have a 5 minute recap at the beginning of each blog as seems to be on every TV show these days (including the News)) a number of regions in the UK are currently under a hosepipe band such is the lack of water in certain counties. The two local ponds, whose water levels are normally high up the banks of the pools but this year, they’re already down low. I hate to think what will happen when summer hits us as they did dry up completely, and what that will do for our local wildlife that depends on it. As well as lizards, Grass Snakes (other UK snakes are available**) rely on frogs and toads for sustenance which will be jeopardized when such breeding grounds disappear. I’ll have to fill a couple of buckets with water each day and run over to the pond with them and enlist the help of Liza if I have any issues!

*Great Band – though not to most people’s taste and as such I will spare you from their cacophony of sounds

** More BBC impartiality!


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