Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 27/03/2012

Now You See Him, Now you Don’t

Leopard, originally uploaded by

I like to think I’m quite a technical person where Technology is concerned but it’s only taken me three years to figure out how to change the time on the clock in my car. The clock is displayed on the car stereo as well as on the digital display on the dashboard – it’s not like it should be difficult, there’s even a button on the dash with a clock inscribed on it, so why has it taken me so long to master changing the time? Well, it appears that the car has to be parked (not that it’s an automatic car), with the engine off and the time selected on the digital display (it also shows the temperature, miles per gallon, and average speed for the journey when toggled through by a switch on the indicator) and then pressing the button down for 10 seconds allows you to change first the hour and then the minutes. Sigh, perhaps I should put this computer down and go back to pen and paper (actually I do have a yearning to go back to writing letters on coloured paper, as I did in my youth (after which I’ll regress to stone tablet and chisel, and finally pigments on cave walls… ugh!))

I owe you a debt of gratitude, Dear Reader, for having managed to get through the last few blogs – last night was certainly a mammoth one (no, I don’t mean it was extinct, hairy with a large trunk or that it’s a French Supermarket) though it wasn’t particularly difficult to write as some of the blogs have been of late. With this upbeat mood, I’m also feeling quite creative which certainly helps when you’re trying to come up with some new words especially when you’ve been writing consecutively for 451 days (even if a few of them were plagarised or taken on loan*) – conservatively, that’s over 180,000 words which weirdly is around the same number of hits as I’ve achieve on Flickr in the same period. Actually that quiet spooky; does that mean if I increase my word count I’ll also increase the number of visitors to my portfolio? (queue the music from the Twilight Zone!)

There is, of course, a downside to all this creativity, the list of ideas and things I want to achieve gets every longer and can actually have quite a negative effect. Long “To Do” lists are actually not that healthy a thing to operate as the mind will start to realise that however much you may knock off the list, there’s still more to do. I possibly haven’t explained that very well, it’s late and this week seems to have gone on forever (waking up at 5am each morning doesn’t help), my friend who’s a Therapist would be able to explain it much more adroitly (perhaps I should outsource my blog to him… now there’s an idea!)

* Paraphrased from a Smith song “Frankly Mr Shankley” on the Queens Is Dead album (I still refer to them as LP’s – it’s my age)



  1. What a cool photo! I love how the leopard is concealed by the brush ( or whatever that is). You really captured the spirit of a leopard (great lighting too) and how sneaky a preditor they can be. Lovely post!

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