Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 21/03/2012

Sick of being Sick*

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Well, that wasn’t pleasant but I’m through another bout of illness and whilst it hasn’t completely left me I’m over the worst of it.. but I’m sure even that’s more than you need to know. As you can appreciate, I’ve not really been up to putting a full blog together – hence the rather different blogs. I couldn’t let a day go by without adding something to this tome, and I don’t see that stopping any time soon despite reservations about another year of blogging. So… Dear Reader, it looks like you’re stuck with me for a good deal longer.

Needless to say I’ve not taken any photos of late, though I did take some more of the leftover Christmas fare – brazil, hazelnuts and almonds for the squirrels. The nuts have sat by the door, in a glass jar, for two months now and I’ve occasionally thrown one or two out for the local wildlife. I sat and watched as the regular grey menace arrived, and then started distributing it’s booty around the garden to retrieve during harder times. These will add to the nuts that the squirrel has already buried in the garden – and as then, I had the image in my head of a tropical forest sprouting amongst the grass. Perhaps that might even attract some tropical birdlife!

*The Damned



  1. Sorry to hear you have been under the weather Andrew, I trust it’s nothing serious and that you are now well on the mend. Maybe you need to slow down a wee bit matey.
    Take care

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