Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 17/03/2012

The REAL Solomon

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It seems hard to believe that it was only this morning that I was stood on the sidelines taking photos at the kids football… actually it is hard to believe, I spent 75% of match time in the car as it was raining that hard there seemed little point trying to take any photos. What do you mean.. I’m NOT a fair weather photographer! Having taken photographs for the club for 2.5 years I’ve experienced all type of weather and know whether I’ll be able to take any usable photographs and the weather first thing was abysmal – so I didn’t feel too bad sitting in the car as the kids ran around on the muddy pitch. With a break in the rain I hot footed it out on to the sideline and started taking photos; despite having missed three quarters of the football training, I still managed to take over 8Gbs worth of photos which should mean there’s one or two usable images in the batch.

Dashing back home, I managed to watch one of the last Six Nations Rugby match – Italy vs Scotland. The weather couldn’t have been have been more different in the Italian capital where the game was being played but I don’t think the sun was shining on the Scottish team by the end of the game, and I suspect there’s a black cloud hanging above them even now. Italy won the game quite convincingly on their home turf, and for the first time in the six years they’ve competed in the Championship the Italians have not won the wooden spoon, finishing last in the competition.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to watch the more important games, Wales vs France and England vs Ireland as we had a date with a cinema to see a certain film that had it’s UK general release yesterday (see yesterday’s blog). It was with some trepidation that I sat down in my allotted theatre seat to watch the movie (film if you prefer), knowing people at the Zoo, even with the film being an adaptation of Benjamin Mee’s book it still felt pretty personal. As with anything we do, I always ask my boy what the best part of anything we do, the film in this case, was – in between mouthfuls as we ate our evening meal he pondered for a moment before saying exactly what I was thinking. If you look carefully, at the very end of the movie, the REAL Benjamin Mee and family make a cameo appearance, and it was that bit that we all enjoyed the most – because it’s personal. To paraphrase the movie (which I think in turn paraphrased one of my blogs) – “I loved the movie, but I REALLY love the real life zoo/staff”


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