Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 15/03/2012

We’re All Kids At Heart.

Birds!, originally uploaded by

With only a can of extra strong, home brand, lager to keep me company I have had a most enjoyable evening expressing my creative side… I’ve been colouring in. If you didn’t know, and why should you, it’s national book week in schools and for the last day children in numerous schools will be allowed to go into school as their favourite book character. Obviously there are a plethora of characters to choose from… Harry Potter, Wimpy Kid, Charlie Bucket, Aslan, even Obi-Wan Kenobi.. but no… my boy wants to go as Dennis The Menace! Now there are many role models in life to mimic.. Dennis isn’t one of them – he’s not a bad lad really… he’s just misunderstood! It’s not his fault.. I blame the parents… oh hang on.. erm, that means. Actually the character of Dennis and my boy couldn’t be more diametrically opposed (dug myself out of that whole) but compare to most characters these days, Dennis is actually not bad – he’s not really the type to get an ASBO after all. To clarify, my evening has been spent drawing and colouring in a copy of Gnasher, Dennis’ faithful companion, an Abyssinian wire-haired tripe-hound.

Of course, like most of my blogs – the words and the pictures have little in common; the image for today was taken at the new pengiun exhibit (as they’re called these day, can’t possibly be called enclosure.. that’s so Victorian… we’re all post-modernists these days of course, dontchaknow) at London Zoo. I know most people love pengiuns – personally, I’m not a fan – I’ve got “up close and personal” (well, not personal, we’re not on first name terms) with these aquatic birds.. and boy do they smell unpleasant. Imagine that your local Supermarket has had a powercut for 2 days – and they’ve not cleared their fish counter… right – that’s the aroma you get off a penguin after it’s used Listerine every hour, on the hour. They stink! (and you should hear what the penguins say about me!).


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