Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 13/03/2012

Just Like Heaven

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I’m either getting old, or I’ve developed anti-bodies that are combating the technology bug I’ve been suffering from for a couple of decades now. I’m not referring to the ability to pick up a remote control and program the television/video record/PVR/toaster… it’s more seeing a piece of Tech and instead of wanting to try it, thinking it’s ridiculous. That happened this week. Whilst looking through a magazine I happened upon the Epson Moverio BT-100 headset, which makes it sound like headphones with a microphone but instead the Moverio resembles a very square and black set of sunglasses with some ear phone dangling from them and that’s not even the daftest part – you wait until you see the price…. £600 ($1000)! So why would a pair of sun glasses from a company known better for producing printers cost so much? Well, they an “entertainment centre” allowing you to watch movies or TV programs from their in built storage medium on the inside of the glasses which is the equivalent of watching an 80” screen from 5 feet away.. apparently. Those concerned about their safety, the lenses are actually transparent so you are able to watch proceedings within your vicinity which is good on one hand but ridiculous on the other – after all when you’re sitting at home watching TV you hardly want to see what is happening behind it! Obviously I’m not the target audience for this gizmo.

What an emotional night yesterday was, with the first announcement of the lineup for Reading Festival 2012. I purchased my ticket for the festival two days after last years festival even though at the time I have no idea who will be playing; I’ve been going for long enough now (23 years and counting) that I know I’ll have a good weekend but look forward to knowing exactly who will be playing and on what day. Rumours and speculation abound for weeks before as to the prospective bands on numerous websites, and on one of the was a photo of what looked like the line up poster. Whilst, being a fan of music, I love going – some years are more enjoyable than others and the list of bands on the photo didn’t inspire such hopes (having said that, when I found out last years set of bands I wasn’t particularly impressed but I had one of the best times I’ve had there) – luckily, the poster was a fake. In fact when I found out that The Cure were going to be headlining Friday night, I nearly shed a tear… nearly.. after all we all know Boy’s Don’t Cry!


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