Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 12/03/2012

That Feels Better

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I finally managed to find time to doing what I’m supposed to be doing, the very thing that fires my soul and makes me feel alive – getting out and about with my camera in the glorious sunshine photographing anything and everything that lives and breaths whether through the oxygen consuming respiratory process of everything with a pulse or the complementary stomatal absorbtion of carbon dioxide of the vegetative kingdom. As mentioned yesterday, the landscape is now starting to exhibit the lush greenness that the English countryside is famed for and it’s some of this that I’ve been trying to capture down on (digital) film – not all of the countryside, of course, that would need a much bigger memory card… and possibly a bit more than one day to complete (what do you mean I’m workshy!).

Certain well known Wildlife Photographers think Macro lenses should be consigned to the nearest waste bin and that all flower photography is a travesty – for those following his, erm I mean that person’s advice – please let me know the location of the bin you’ve disposed of your lens into, especially if the lens in question is amongst the following: Canon 100mm IS, Sigma 150mm IS, Sigma 180mm IS or the mighty Canon MP-65E and I’ll do my part for the evironment and recycle them for you đŸ˜‰

I’ve also mentioned before that when out taking pictures, the creative side of my brain takes over and I can be lost in my own little world when in “my zone”; what I haven’t realised before today is that this zone isn’t a uniformed space and that part of it are tense and exhilerating whilst other sections are much more restful and calming. It was whilst photographing blackthorn blossom, today, I realised how much more calming this type of photography is compared to Saturday and Sunday morning sport photograph or trying to snap a bird in flight or an animal.

What I’ve also realised is that during the composition of this blog, I can either be in a similar landscaped Zone (I must get an Oyster Card to make the commute between the two easier) – apologies for today’s blog, I seem to have lost my directions to any and all Zones, and it’s not showing up on Google Maps either.


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