Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 11/03/2012

Hip Hip Hoorah!

Asiatic Lion Cub, originally uploaded by

Today felt like the first day of spring, so much so that I drove back home this afternoon with the rood of the Z4 down hair blowing in the wind, and grinning like a Cheshire Cat (me, not my hair!). I’m on my second soft-top car now and I can’t imagine ever having a sensible family car ever again!

The barmy 17 degrees celcius wasn’t the only sign of the start of spring apparent on the drive home; peppering the verdant green banks at the side of the road were dashes of yellow here, white there, and even more yellow. Spring has sprung with the appearance of Daisies, Dandilions, Daffodils and Celandines (why can’t Celandines start with a D – that would have kept the alphabetic theme going) all along the verges of our country roads. In fact, if England hadn’t been playing against France in the Six Nations Rugby tournament today, I would have stopped to photograph them.

I spent the morning watching as well as photographing a kids rugby tournament, but instead of using my preferred lens of choice (as opposed to weapon of choice), my sigma 150-500mm – I had only taken a 17-40mm and 150mm with me. The 150mm lens, usually only used for macro work, performed brilliantly – with a wide f2.8 aperture the depth of field was incredibly shallow, isolating the players from the back ground. I’m going to start taking that lens with me to more sports games.

The afternoon was spent at a model railway exhibition which we’ve attended for around 6 years now. Up to now we’ve only marvelled at the amazing skill and level of detail on the numerous layouts – this year we were gathering ideas for a new layout I’ve started to build for my son. We’ve never bought anything from the numerous stalls that are interspersed with the show layouts – however, we bought 25 meters of track today to add to all the old track my boy has inherited from me!


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