Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 09/03/2012

Her Name Was Lola…

Brahminy Kite, originally uploaded by

The technology fans amongst you may have noticed that I seem to have overlooked a certain announcement that was made by a certain prominent Bay Area Tech company, I hadn’t overlooked the news release it’s just that the new toys I got to play with at the camera show were far more interesting to me than a new tablet. Yes, this week, Apple announced the iPad 3 but’s it’s not just another tablet release from the Cupertino giant, in fact it’s redefined the whole market segment and the whole of the android manufacturers are going to have to play catchup once again. Of course, it won’t be long before Samsung, Motorola, and Asus will have their equivalent product announcements as the specification of the new iPad hasn’t been as closely guarded as previous Apple releases have been. I’m still more than happy with the original Asus Transformer tablet and keyboard (how odd, Transformers (the movie) is on the TV as I write this!) and I’m hoping that another one of the reasons for buying it will come to fruition soon, but for the moment I’ll say no more.

It’s another sport filled weekend, and as such I’m not sure how much photography of the type I post here will happen though the camera will be venturing out to the various events I photograph – perhaps one day I will actually allow some images to permeate it’s way onto here. After my dalliance with motor photography in the Forest of Dean recently, I would like to try my hand at Formula One photography. It’s not the glamorous locations… okay perhaps it is… it’s more the idea of being able to photograph these beautiful works of art (I’m referring to the cars) as they jostle around the track at such incredible high speeds. Mind you, have you seen the cars this year? Only the McLaren looks anything approaching beautiful (if you think the aesthetics of these cars can be considered beautiful – I certainly do) the rest have all decided to try and mimic a Fiat Multipla with it’s rather erm.. characteristic nose! The last nose that was that famous was positioned just above a mouth singing “Copacabana


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