Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 08/03/2012

Fangs ain’t what they used to be!

Viper, originally uploaded by

Another camera stand that was receiving plenty of attention was the Fuji stand, or more specifically the stand that had the X-Pro 1 rangefinder camera and no wonder, it’s a wonderful camera. It would appear I’m not the only one taken with the camera’s retro looks, apparently earlier in the day, the queue around the stand had been six deep with people wanting to get their hands on a camera. Luckily there weren’t as many people waiting when I turned up to test the camera, and with only a short wait I was able to see what all the fuss about the camera was myself.

Unlike a number of camera’s in this sector, it’s not a small camera (though obviously it is when compared to a 1D4 or a 1DX) which is quite refreshing when all other manufacturers seem to be trying to design cameras the size of postage stamps. It’s looks hark back to the classic rangefinders, the Leica M series more specifically but I was a little disappointed when first grasping the camera that it didn’t feel as heavy or as solid as I had imagined (ie it’s not a Leica!).

That was about the only negative thing I could actually think to say about the camera so taken was I with it; it has a novel optical view finder that at the click of a lever is quickly replaced by an electronic view finder (the view finders don’t actually move, it’s all done with mirrors… no, seriously, it IS all done with mirrors!) and whilst I’ve never been a fan of the electronic view finder, I did find this one quite appealing – when you took the photograph, instead of displaying it on the back screen, it presented the image in the view finder so you’d never need to take your eye away from the viewer… very clever!

The only other downside, and this does seem to be a recurring theme at the moment, is the price; whilst it’s not in the realms of Leica which in so many other ways it mimics, it’s still very expensive, purchasing the camera body and one lens, you won’t have much change out of £2000 – the same price as a 5D mark II and lens! £2000… that’s enough for a down payment on the Canon 200-400mm when it comes out (it’ll probably only be enough to purchase the lens cap and case!!).

Today’s photo is of a Rhinoceros Viper from Central Africa; I think it’s pretty plain why it’s named as such – luckily it doesn’t suffer the same fate as it’s name sake where it’s horn is concerned… mind you, I think any poacher would come off worse if they tried to confront this deadly creature.



  1. That shot is just amazing! the details are fantastic.

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