Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 06/03/2012

Aren’t Dad’s Great?

Redshank, originally uploaded by

It seems like only yesterday when I was lamenting the fact that I will be without my beloved 600mm for 10 days (once it’s been sent off that is) whilst the tripod collar is being fixed… hang on, it was only yesterday! Anyway, with our annual trip to Focus-on-imaging (as opposed to Focus DIY store), the UK’s largest photographic show, scheduled for tomorrow Dad arrived ready to head off early in the morning. We’ve been going for a number of years now, and I can’t quite believe that I’ve had my 1D4 for two years now, having purchased it at the exhibition back in 2010 (see I can take photos and do maths as well!). Having ready my missive about the soon to missing lens, Dad brought his 500mm lens over for me to borrow whilst The Beast is away being repaired. So as I said, aren’t Dad’s great!

For once I’m not intending on purchasing anything whilst I’m at the show, despite the prices being highly aggressive with deals that you can’t get on the high street or even on well known camera websites. Mind you, if Fuji want to sell me the X-1 Pro or Canon the 1D X for £10 each, then I don’t think I’ll turn them down. I will be taking my own camera along with me and heading to both the Canon and the Sigma stands to try a number of their lenses. Last year Sigma had just announced details of their new 150mm macro lens incorporating image stabilisation (I have the version with image unstabilisation… or is that just my wobbly hand) but didn’t have any available to test, so I’m hoping there will be some there this time. Sigma have just announced a new 180mm macro lens with IS, but like last year, I suspect the lens is still in development and that I won’t have any luck testing it out.

Before you even see these birds, you’ll more than likely hear their shrill alarm calls as they signal their distress on the wing. The Redshank, named due to it’s red legs (shank is another term for legs, Edward I (King of England from 1239 to 1307) was also known as Edward Longshanks as he was particularly tall for his time at 6ft 2in), is (in contrast to the aforementioned king) a small wading bird found throughout the UK and one I’ve wanted to photograph for a while. It’s not quite as elusive or attractive as a Snipe or Avocet but in it’s own way has it’s own charms… it just needs a silencer applied to it’s distress call.



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