Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 05/03/2012

All Along The Waterfront

Water rail, originally uploaded by

I now know why there aren’t any DIY fixes out on the internet for the sticky little issue I have with my primary prime lens, the 600mm beast; I managed to find a Canon service manual for the lens and it would appear to make any changes to the tripod collar, you have to disassemble the lens! Out of warranty, this is going to be a costly fix and will mean I will be without the lens for at least 10 days which sounds like a lifetime!

Today’s image is of the shy and illusive Water Rail, a bird which is actually more common than people realise, it’s just their reticence to come out into the open that makes people think they’re rare. This bird certainly didn’t have any such hangups and dashed around the water margins on the hunt for food. To my amazement, at one point the bird climbed up a tree trunk that was at 45 degrees to the ground – I didn’t realise that Rails would leave the ground at all – the next thing they’ll be doing is flying.


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