Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 04/03/2012

Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Kite, originally uploaded by

What a miserable day, the complete opposite to yesterday when I was out with the camera taking photos at the kids football in the bright warm winter sun. The rain was so heavy today, I watched the kids rugby from the warmth of the Club House and didn’t even contemplate getting the camera out!

I mentioned several days ago about the possible launch of a new Canon 5D series camera, and it was in fact announced the very day afterwards. The new camera has had an increase in the number of pixels crammed into the sensor but unlike the new Nikon D800, it’s only increased by the smallest of margins, 1Mpixel up to 22Mpixels. Canon have said they want to concentrate on low noise, and dynamic range which is certainly something I’m pleased about – what they’re not concentrating on with either the new camera or some of their new lenses is the price. The new 5D mark III costs an eye-watering £3000… ouch.

I’m planning to visit the leading camera show in the UK, Focus-on-Imaging, on Wednesday of this week. I don’t have any prospective purchases in mind, I am hoping that Canon will have the 1D X and possibly (but unlikely) the 5D mark III to play with. I’d also be keen to test their new 200-400mm which is supposed to be an amazing lens to use, especially with it’s own built in 1.4x converter, this could be an incredibly useful wildlife lens… however as with the 5D III, I suspect the lens (which isn’t out yet) will be prohibitively expensive – let’s hope they’ve redesigned the tripod mount as well (speaking of high cost).

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