Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 01/03/2012

Ducking out….

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Despite still being on my sick bed, I’ve managed 14 months of continuous blogging and having had time on my hands all day you’d think I’d have thought up something to write for today’s blog but I haven’t! Having abstained for food for a couple of days, it seems that turning on the TV and channel hopping, every program seems to be about food. How did the Programming Executives know I’d be ill this week and schedule all these programs to try and tempt me to have some food? It is amazing how, when you’re not well, that despite sleeping for most of the last 3 days I’m shattered and ready for bed.

I did spend five minutes looking at the Internet today, and despite the attention deficiency that seems to accompany illness I did note the number of rumours flying about the announcement tomorrow of a follow up to the highly successful 5D range, the 5D III. Unusually for Canon, a number of high quality photos of the camera have surfaced along with specifications for the camera. Whilst the site in question is usually spot on with it’s predictions, only time will tell how accurate these details are. So until tomorrow, Dear Reader, Adieu.


  1. Wow, his red eye. To die for.

  2. Have I missed something or have you finished the daily Blogg
    Hope all is well with you as you have been ill. June .

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