Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 18/02/2012

Oh no.. I think I left the gas on!

Oh bobbins… no matter how bad your day may have been, how nothing seems to be going right.. there’s always someone, somewhere that’s having a worse time than you. It does work both ways as well… I remember back in 2001 I went to test drive a couple of Porsche, a possible replacement for the MGF I had at the time. I felt fantastic as I drove around, the roar of the 3.2litre engine reverberating in my ears as I pulled into the garage… only to have someone pull up by the side of me in a Lamborghini Diablo. I never did buy the Porsche, I spent the money on a world trip the following year and whilst that is now 10 years ago (shudder) I wouldn’t swap the experience for any germanic heap of metal (which it may have become if I had bought one, that or it’s bodywork may have had special tree imprints applied after I’d wrapped it around one).

A few kind words, some creative cooking and a heap of usable photos – it’s amazing how easy it is to find some motivation. I’m always appreciative of any and all comments people write on both my blog and my Flickr stream – but when the right words come at just the right time… I’m doubly so, but I’m getting ahead of myself here. As mentioned yesterday, today was the first real football session for Kids Football, and whilst there weren’t as many playing in the main teams, there were 5 pitches being used by all ages – from toddlers to teenagers. With so much going on, over such a wide area, I had to keep moving even though it was tempting to stay in the one area to watch the one game all the time. Looking through the photos this evening, I’ve deleted a number of them, where one player is obstructing another making the photos unusable – but I’ve still managed 342 good photos, and that’s just off one camera – I’ve been using the 5D mark II more and more.

So a good days’ photography – and then I noticed the comment that had been added to my last post – the post that mentioned how jaded I was feeling about both my writing and my photography. In one fell swoop, I’m feeling much more positive about both creative outlets – which is more than my cooking. I spent ages filleting and preparing some Sea Bass but I have to say I did feel like the white-naped mangabey when we finally did get to eat it…. it was certainly good – but I’m not sure the effort was reflected in the final product (and I know the Neon Tetra in the aquarium were feeling nervous as I prepared the two fish!).


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