Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 13/02/2012

Much Gnashing Of Teeth

Today, which in many ways has been a great day has been marred at the 11th hour (not literally) in the silliest of ways which I’ll come on to in a little bit. A change of scene today, relocating 40 minutes away to a hotel we’ve stayed in a couple of times already – on the way we called in to the International Birds of Prey Centre which some of you may recall I blogged about around this time last year…. it’s become a bit of an annual pilgrimmage to visit the centre and this hotel at this time of year. Of course the weather, which I had had high hopes for with such warm clear days prior to our visit, had changed for the worst and whilst it may have been warm enough, the sun remained hidden for the duration of our stay at the Centre.

The IBoPC has an impressive and varied collection of Raptors, many of which I haven’t see in any other collection. As well as a great number of exotic species, the Centre doesn’t neglect our rarely seen domestic species such as Hobbies and Merlins. I’ve often got confused when refering to these birds, though I’m not sure why as once you see the two species side by side it’s pretty obvious which is which. The Merlin is the smallest raptor that can be seen in the UK, much much smaller than the Hobby – the former preying on, amongst other things, dragonflies which gives you an idea of size… small. I was particularly taken with the American Kestrel which are much smaller than the UK variety and of course Burrowing Owls are always adorable, hopefully you’ll get to see the photos I’ve taken at some time.

So why the gnashing of teeth? Whilst having my evening meal I managed to break a tooth in half… so when I say gnashing… I do mean it literally!

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