Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 11/02/2012

Drat and double drat

Rose, originally uploaded by

I did laugh, Dear Reader, when first arriving at the accommodation we’ll be staying in over the next couple of days and checking the signal on my phone… guess what? Just as i had predicted, there was absolutely no signal at all. This was, however, only an abberation and even before the sounds of mirth had subsided my phone sprang into life and i had full strength reception (and without a lion in sight… mores pity).

In the morning light, with the soft winter sun warming the frost cover fields, its apparent why there should be such a good signal. Gazing across the fields adjacent to our living quarters up to the hill facing us, theres a huge mobile phone transmitter… so unless theres some sort of disaster later, i should able to post a blog each day… time dependent.

What unexpected day; with the sun resplendent in the clear blue sky we headed off to the Forest of Dean to take in the splendor of the Old English woods. Snow was still present on the ground as we set of walking amongst the frost laden trees, the crisp clear fresh air making the walk all the more bracing. About thirty minutes into the walk, we suddenly happened on a group of people standing in line long the side of a muddy track, along side a couple of Officials in their Hi-Viz jackets (and probably a Triple A handing from their lanyard) – we had happened upon an annual through-the-woods motorcross rally. Now, whilst I have seen many rally cars before, I’ve never actually seen any being driven in anger (or even mild annoyance) so today was a baptism by fire and boy was it exhilerating.

We were unfortunate to only catch the tail end of one leg of the rally, as we walked out, and from the way these cars were being driven around the course, we surmised that these must have been an amature stage of the rally as they were taking a number of the corners rather sedately, as opposed to sideways as often the case when witnessed on television. With a few photos in the bag, and lunch eaten, we carried on enjoying the beauty of this ancient of forest. A short distance away from our first contact with the race, it was apparent that those cars were not the last of the day, with the sudden roar of mechanical monster, we knew the next heat was about to start. With a perfect vantage point of the first corner and uphill climb we positioned ouselves so as to best photograph the cars as they bellowed up past up. These drivers appeared much more confident in their attack on the corner and the hill, instead of lifting off the accelerator (gas) they were powering up past us, accelerating all the time. Up so close to them as they sped past, you could couldn’t help absorb their adrenaline. Rather than the traditional, freeze the action – I decided to try something a little different which I’m hoping to post to Flickr today and attach to this post… Dear Reader, you’re going to have to wait until I can better connect to the Internet – trying to upload one of today’s images isn’t quite as streamline as I would have hoped, despite having line of sight to the transmitter.


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