Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 10/02/2012

Making a monkey out of me*

Chimpanzee, originally uploaded by

You will excuse me, Dear Reader, if I am a little quiet over the next few days; my intentions, whilst good, to try and blog on the move may well be misplaced depending on the quality of signal I am able to received whilst travelling (or stationary (or stationery, but I’ll paper over that.. I’ll pen some other term, stamp my mark on it…. (“that enough, you’ve done the joke to death, can’t you INK of anything else? “ Ed. “damn, you’ve got me at it now”).

The great irony will be, if I can’t get a signal to connect to the internet whilst away, is that in the middle of the Masai Mara, with no signs of anything man-made anywhere, the signal on my phone was at it’s maximum and I was easily able to send a text message (though whether I would have been able to browse the web is a different matter).

It’s time to turn my attention to the book I’ve been threatening to compile from my ramblings last year. I still haven’t found a publisher I’m happy with, well.. there’s plenty of good publishers out there that will allow you to create one-off volumes but the price for a 365 page book is much higher that I’d like and certainly not one where a profit could be made. It’s a catch 22 situation.. if I were “better known” I could probably cut a much better deal, but until I have more work published I won’t get better known. As with anything, the first of anything is a good learning experience so I won’t let the production costs stop me this time – anyway, I might well have a follow up to “365” as it will be called… “366” (providing I do blog each day this year!)

* the more observant of you out there will of course know that this is a Chimpanzee, an ape.. not a monkey!



  1. so you are really going to Masai Mara? Sounds fantastic. Have a nice trip. And great shot! 🙂

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