Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 09/02/2012

They must be Nuts!

Grey Squirrel, originally uploaded by

It would appear that Canon are not the only company who’s pricing model doesn’t seem to take into account the current financial climate. Sony have, today, announced that they will start production on a 500mm f4 lens – the largest lens they have ever produced. Whilst both lenses will be hand built, however unlike the Canon 500mm which can be bought off the shelf, Sony’s lens will only be built to order. There is another difference between Canon’s and Sony’s lenses… the price; whilst Canon’s lens is eye-wateringly expensive at $10,500 Sony has gone above and beyond with proposed pricing of $17,000. I don’t know how that will compare to the actual street prices but it’s certainly a huge chunk of change (not something you can scrape together from coins lost down the back of the sofa either).

I’ve been a bit quiet on the new photo front since my trip to Dartmoor Zoo a couple of weeks ago but I’m hoping that will all change in the next week or so and it’s long over due. Granted I did take nearly 8Gb’s worth of images (around 700 photos) last weekend at the children’s football match and whilst I thoroughly enjoy this very different discipline it’s not how I express my creative side. Providing the predicted snow fall is kept at bay then we have a number of possible photographic opportunities over the next week or so that I’m really looking forward to. The down side is I may not have an internet connection, and as such this blog may well suffer (well, no more so than when I do actually post an entry, in fact it may well improve by the absence of a daily missive!).

As with any trip away, storage (in photographic terms) becomes an issue; with the ability to take 40Gb worth of photos (around 3700 images, or 102 rolls of 36 exposure films… in old money) without the need to transfer any images off memory cards, the actual storage needs to be fairly large as well. Large hard disks have, up until recently, become so cheap that the need to be discerning when it comes to permanent storage could be over looked. After all, when a 1Tb drive which can hold around 90,000 16Mpixel JPG files and costs around £50 becomes full, it’s as easy to buy a new drive and start filling that rather then sorting through the wheat and the chaff. Imagine as well, having an 8Tb storage system (which with drive redundancy works out at a measly 6Tb!) that allows you to store over 550,000 photos – just imagine how lazy one can become at not deleting unwanted photos.. oh… oops!



  1. This is absolutely stunning and wonderful picture. It’s a pure joy to look at it.

    Great and masterful photo work!

    Greetings from Kaya.

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