Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 03/02/2012

Tyger! Tyger! burning bright*

Siberian Tiger, originally uploaded by

Today’s image, Dear Reader, is the last from batch of photos taken at Dartmoor Zoo last week; of course there are many more images I could use, sharp, focused, correctly exposed but they’re so similar to each other that you don’t need to see ten images of a bear sitting in the same position but with eyes looking in a slightly different direction. No, it’s not good begging, I’ve made my mind up and that final.

As you can imagine, I’ve not touched the new website recently, having had far too busy a week last week to think about something that “is working” but I decided to try my hand with the new Lightroom beta AND upload some photos at the same time. I’ve mentioned both the fact that I don’t process my photos, I just use the JPG’s straight off the camera, and that when I did use RAW files I used a program called Rawshooter which then morphed into Lightroom Beta when the company who produced the original packaged was acquired by Adobe. This new version is supposed to be a massive advance on the previous 3 iterations but I’m not sure I can see it myself. It’s probably my lack of familiarity with the product, either that or I’ve not moved on when it comes to processing for a couple of years and need to see what’s new in the realm of post-processing. I worked on a dozen images, all of which have been uploaded to my website (can you tell which ones – well, there are clues but I’ll let you figure which ones have had a little extra attention), and I’m not totally convinced there’s much difference from the originals, especially not enough of a difference to keep me glued to a computer for any longer than is necessary.

In my recent trips up and down the various motorways, I’ve been struck by the number of raptors that frequent the roadside verges, more specifically, the number of Buzzards that I’ve spotted. It used to be the case that you could drive down any major road and you could bet that you would see a Kestrel hovering by the side of the dual carriage way; there has been a marked decline in these beautiful falcons. Buzzards, however, were the things of Western legends and tv shows; the bad guy was always threatening to strand the good guy in the wilderness so the Buzzards would feast on him when he had perished (though they may have said that slightly differently of course) – I never thought they were a UK bird at all but a day rarely goes past that I don’t see at least one Buzzard and quite likely more.

*William Blake, written 1794!


  1. This is a fantastic shot!

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