Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 29/01/2012

It’s a Blog, Jim, But Not As We Know It.

Siberian Lynx, originally uploaded by

You will excuse me, Dear Reader, if rather than a rambling post tonight blog is a short one. I’ve just arrived home after a long drive and I’m not sure how coherent I’ll be after 4 hours of local radio stations. Today’s course went well, with two eager and enthusiastic young photographer (Tom and Archie) making the most of their photographic day – hopefully with a number of good shots in the bag, and may be some useful information to help them with future snapping. Sadly, the glorious weather and soft winter sunlight were not to make an appearance (we were warned with a red sky this morning (though there were no Shepherds about to give us first hand predictions)).

Sovereign, the wily old Jaguar, made a startling appearance and his size, and power never fail to impress.. if you manage to see him but I think the most memorable part of the day for the two boys will be venturing off piste (in skiing parlance) to areas that brought us up close to the big cats – at one point we had Josie, the female lion up close and interested in us, whilst behind us was a prowling tiger. Of course we were in the expert hands of Colin, the Zoo’s Curator, and completely safe but such close proximity can’t help but get one’s adrenaline going such is the innate primeval fear of these creatures.

So, Dear Reader, you’ll have to wait for some new photos from the weekend, as I’m going to go and pass out where ever I can find something soft to rest on and I’ll speak to you all tomorrow. TTFN.



  1. Fantastic shot with incredible details. Sound like a great weekend. 🙂

  2. Hi. As the mum of the boys who did the course yesterday, I can say that your efforts were all well worth it and very much appreciated. Sorry it was such a long day for you, but the boys (and the parents!) had a fabulous day. They both loved the way you explained photography to them, and have learned loads; they also enjoyed your company very much and have been inspired by you. Aren’t the animals and birds amazing? And the boys’ photos have come out brilliantly. Tom got a shot of Sovereign baring his teeth which makes the adrenaline pump slightly even in the safety of our lounge! I’d recommend Andy as a photography and wildlife guide wholeheartedly – the day exceeded our expectations. Thank you and hope to see you again.

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