Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 19/01/2012

Beer, Beer, we want more Beer….

Meerkat, originally uploaded by

I will, by the time you read this Dear Reader, be firmly ensconced in a local hostelry sampling the fine ales they have on offer (the pub in question always has six guest beers on offer, all of which are kept in perfect condition; I’m a frequent visitor to the bar in question and I don’t think I’ve seen the same beer on tap in the two years I’ve frequented the establishment!). I could take my camera gear out with me but it’s probably best if I don’t, you’ll only end up with numerous pictures of beer pump shields, pint glasses as well as images of the food we’ll be eating – not something that really fits in with the current scope of my portfolio (though some may say it would be more interesting.. but I’m not listening to those people, just you Dear Reader).

Have you noticed that despite complaining that I have a million and one things to do in the run up to the course, that my blogs seem to be getting longer and longer. The two bits of software I use when preparing my daily tomes give word counts and the one for the Wednesday 17th January weighed in at 908 words – when I wrote my Thesis, back in 1999, the 10,000 words that were required seemed like an insurmountable task but at this rate I could be finished within ten days, and that’s with me writing when I have 5 minutes rather than dedicating the day to the assignment. I didn’t realise, when I set out putting this blog together, how much I would enjoy the whole writing process. Of late, I have to admit, I’ve not been doing as much research for each article (which probably shows!); this is more down to the lack of available time, than lack of interest but I have remonstrated myself, Dear Reader, on your behalf and will start to include more wildlife information when I’ve finished all my course note preparation.

With the course prep. out of the way I can then start on a number of tasks/new year resolutions I made, one of which is to start reading anything and everything on all the animals I love to photograph. I like to think I have a fairly broad, and yet detailed, knowledge of the natural world anyway but I think it’s time to take it that next step up – first task should be to memorise the latin names for the animals, I’ll start with the easy ones… Lynx lynx (that’s the latin name for the Galapagos Tortoise*… only joking.. of course it’s the Eurasian Lynx), then perhaps Orca orca (that’s the name for the Sulawesi Crested Macaque**… joking again.. it’s the name for the Killer Whale). Probably best if I stick to the ones that repeat themselves.. here’s a slightly harder one… Troglodytes troglodytes (no, it’s not the name of some primeval monkey)… it’s the latin name for the diminuative Wren***

* Chelonoidis nigra
** Macaca nigra
*** Honest, it is – look it up for yourself here



  1. Very cute! Wonderful capture. 🙂

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