Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 15/01/2012

Of Course I remember acting along side Charlon Heston!

Chimpanzee, originally uploaded by

What a fantastic day, I really couldn’t have asked for better conditions and I’m sure the animals must have ready yesterday’s blog as they too were on top form allowing me to take one or two photos of them (any more than two and they were asking for payment, royalties… until they show me their Equity card.. that can keep asking).

I arrived later than I had planned, an hour later in fact, and upon arrival went into headless chicken mode to start with – having not thought through precisely what I wanted to shoot at specific times of the day. Luckily most enclosures are in a good position in relation to the sun, allowing for perfect lighting conditions but of course many animals aren’t great lovers of the day light hours (esp. Wolverines, they’re right party animals – getting in a 6am in the morning having been up all night.. tsk!) and whilst you can get a nice photo, it is of a bundle of fur which could then be anything. Hmmm.. thinking about it, I have a fur hat I bought in Russian 18 years ago (I didn’t know better in those days when it came to fur) which I could arrange in such a manner as to produce a convincing wildlife photo.

I mentioned last week, that I had completed my new website and that I had affected the necessary changes to transfer it across to one of the domains I own – well, it looks like I didn’t affect a good enough effect and the domain isn’t routing through to the new site just yet. With the broadband down most of the weekend, and having been out today I’ve not had a chance to resolve the issue so it looks like work on the photo course material will have to wait a little longer. Of course, being a typical bloke, I need the pressure of the night before, before I knuckle down and produce the necessary documentation.. that’s unless I can get it from the local garage (along with some wilting flowers and one of those muffins in cellophane wrapper).


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