Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 09/01/2012

So Close…**

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Another day without any photos posted to Flickr, I really am getting rather slack anyone would think I was lacking when it came to goals and ambitions. I have spotted a rather good photo opportunity however I’m not going to attempt any photos until I’ve fixed my flash gun which I might manage to fit in between finishing my website and creating the course material for the impending training course I’ll be running. I’ve already blogged about fixing this rather expensive piece of equipment and how easy, with the right tools, that it should be; I now have the right tools (Thanks Dad) so the 580ex should be back in my camera bag fairly soon. I don’t use it a great deal, but it can be very useful when there isn’t a good strong key light – though I never point the head directly at the subject as despite all it’s cleverness it’s just too harsh.

Like most things, there’s a whole industry orbiting around flashguns, from brackets to move the flashgun away from camera, diffusers that dissipate the light producing more naturally lit images, through to remote control, studio softness and remote power sources (batteries… Big batteries to you and I). In fact the humble flashgun has developed into a sophisticated tool that can be used to recreate complex studio lighting in the field… literally, in a field (other outdoor locations are available). As well as some bone fida studio lighting, I own a variety of piece of equipment that allow me to call myself a Strobist (look, and I’ve been called worse – if that’s all you’ve got!) – that’s the term used by photographers who make use external flash in complex and creative ways. I’m not sure I’ve quite earned the label yet – but then I’m not sure what label I’ve earned yet (and whether I want the labels when I do get them).

I’m procrastinating again, can you Tell? Whilst I have a number of pressing tasks to complete on the website, I’ve dug out my flashgun which I’m going to attempt to fix this evening. I know it’s not really a priority but I need to get out with my camera and having seen a suitable subject today that will require some extra light to produce anything half decent I’m afraid my creative side wins out over any business sense ever time… which is a little worrying if I want to really make a go of this – I might just have to give myself a written warning*

* You’ve been warned… There that should do it.
** A catchphrase from “Sorry, I’ve Got No Head” a children’s sketch show on CBBC (and very funny at times).



  1. I, too, love to capture nature’s glory. I am just beginning to promote my own photos (most of which I add scripture or inspirational saying too). I would love any and all advice as to how to begin this new endeavor. I love photographing any and everything…any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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