Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 08/01/2012

Blu moon, you saw me standing alone…

Rose, originally uploaded by

I’ve never been much of a movie go-er, sure I’ve seen the major events such as Star Wars, Indian Jones, Lord of the Rings (can you see a theme there – talk about a world of fantasy!) and more recently Avatar. In fact the only times I would catch up with the latest (-ish) releases would be on a transatlantic journey – and I must say trying to follow any type of plot, whether it complex and subtle or inane and irreverent looses something at 33,000 feet, with the sounds of the engines in my ears and being viewed on a 5 inch screen (there were a lot of ‘ands’ in that sentence, I’ll try and use less in the rest of the paragraph). Even with the addition of a DVD player I’ve never really been bothered much with films – however having recently come into the possession of a BluRay player (purchased from a friend during a christmas party) – have seen a couple more recent releases than I normally would have at this stage. This is thanks, in part to LoveFilms, that I’ve seen more films recently than I have in the last 12 months – at the moment I’m watching the last Harry Potter movie.. well, half watching it (as I said, I’m not really into moving pictures) – I’m much more interested in talking to you, Dear Reader! This fascination with films won’t last long, the LoveFilms subscription running out after 3 months (it was a GroupOn offer – I won’t be paying the price of their monthly subscription price.. there are more important things to spend my money on – I do after all have a bit of a lens habit).

I think it’s a record you know, two days without posting any photos to Flickr, it did feel strange and at the same time a bit of a relief not scrambling around for something to upload to my account. Uploading photos each day through 2011 was a great challenge and kept me thinking about photography at all times, in fact I felt as much pressure from this discipline as I did writing the blog – after all the words that I put down on paper aren’t dependent on weather, light levels, battery power, or available subject matter – now I think of it, photography is so high maintenance! For me, now, I can’t differentiate between the two – images.. words.. .words.. images, they’ve become integrated (a bit like a fridge or a dishwasher but without the warranty issues).



  1. this is so beautiful! Fantastic color! 🙂

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