Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 07/01/2012

More old stuff

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Hello, it’s me again; looks like neither of us has much better to do on a Saturday evening than writing and/or reading this blog. We should make a plan to get out more – perhaps a resolution for 2013, I’ve got more than enough to do this year.

I finally gave my Dad his Christmas present today, and it’s something I’ve been very excited about but have kept relatively quiet about – a photo book featuring photos from our trip to Kenya early in the year. The initial issue was, faced with a completely blank canvas, exactly how I’d lay out the images – and then of course I had to choose photos for the pages themselves. This in itself wasn’t that difficult, in fact the issue was limiting the number of photos to use as I had a limit of 60 pages – trying create a layout that didn’t look amateurish. I’m not sure whether I manage to achieve anything more than this, it has got me interested in to looking at desktop publishing further.. when I’ve got all my imminent tasks out of the way.

I know you’ve heard this before, but it’s true.. I really am close to finishing the website now, and whilst I had an aberration over one of the products I will be offering this morning, I’ve now rationalised the issue which I will correct, and then it will be a quick DNS (domain name system) change and traffic will be forwarded over to one of the domains I own.

There won’t be any time to take it easy, as I’ve got my course to prepare – and the more I think about it the more work I can see ahead. Perhaps I should just wing it… no, perhaps not, I want to do myself and Dartmoor Zoo justice, more importantly I’d like to make the course at the zoo a regular event.



  1. The Christmas present, the book on our trip to Kenya during the summer of 2011, is quite brilliant and I am more than pleased. It has been prepared in a professional way and I wish I could share with all Andrew’s blog readers, believe me it is somethinmg to be treasured.

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