Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 06/01/2012

I would go out tonight….

Bald Eagle, originally uploaded by

.. but I havn’t got a stitch to wear*! I seem to be having “one of those days” in that nothing seems to be going to plan, actually that’s a bit strong… tasks seem to be taking longer to complete than they should – and as for google, well, trying to find the information is not as easy as it should be… c’mon google hurry up with that mind reading application add-on. I’m back with the Smiths/Morrissey song to sum up the day “Disappointed”. People think Morrissey is morose at best but listen to this track, the lyrics, they’re almost as self deprecating as me – and I like to think I have a sense of humour (well, you can fool some of the people some of the time).

Looking on the WWT website today, I found that none of my photographs were winners in the Autumn leg of their photo competition. There are some, let’s say, average photos on there which leaves me puzzled as to why mine weren’t selected in any of the categories. At least these photos give me something to work towards (if that really is the phrase), and I’m determined to get something through, though my eyes are really on the big prize – recognition (I bet you thought I was referring to the portfolio prize, a trip to the antarctic? well, of course I’d like to win that but this year is more about raising my head above the photographic parapet and seeing if I can be spotted (hopefully not by some archer (other radio soaps are available))).

I’m so close to finishing my new website I just need to create a couple of graphics and then I can launch the site onto the world. Of course, it’s just what the world has been waiting for (on to the Stone Roses now, still from the same neck of the woods as the Smiths but slightly more upbeat (though I don’t really think of the Smiths as downbeat at all.. but that could just be me!)), and as soon as it launches the influx of traffic will cause the servers to crash and I’ll be back to square one. Pah, it’s more likely that I’ll have to prune all the tumbleweed away from the servers.

Another frustration, my once mighty PC (yes, I still use a PC as opposed to a Jobsian creation) has just informed me as I tried out some features in a trial download of Photoshop CSI.. I mean CS5, that my once powerful graphics card is not capable enough to run the function being tested and as such all processing will be carried out by the processor (much slower). The graphics card, and the machine itself, wasn’t one of your run of the mill card/machines when I bought it – the card, as I’ve mentioned before, would have cost £800 alone (needless to say I didn’t pay anywhere near this, in fact the machine only cost this amount!) – so it shows how long in the tooth it is now. I think a trip to the dentist is in order!

*This Charming Man, by the Smiths.



  1. Wonderful. Simply wonderful.

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