Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 05/01/2012

Lots Of Tinkering Usually Saturdays^

Grey Squirrel, originally uploaded by

What a fantastic day.. nope, I haven’t won the lottery (though I haven’t checked yet).. I’ve had a very productive day, and the day isn’t over yet! I bemoaned the fact I’d lost some of the pages from my new website, more over it was the hand crafted verbiage that I had lost, the photos are always easy to recreate and I was feeling a little disgruntled at having to write them out again (I don’t like repeating myself… I said I don’t like… oh.. well, perhaps maybe once or twice). You can imagine my elation (Lotus Elation.. classic car, even if the build quality wasn’t up to much though it wasn’t quite as good as the Lotus Effervescence but you could never take that out in the rain for fear of it dissolving) when looking through the copious amounts of files I have on Google Docs I found my missing missives buried amongst the numerous daily blogs. This will make recreating the various sections so much easier.

I’ve just spent the last hour working out how I’m going to price sending out prints and canvases (canvaii?), if and when I manage to make my site live. That had been the major stumbling block so it’s full steam ahead trying to get it finished and so allowing me more time to work on what I’m actually going to say and do when I’m giving my photo tutorial day at Dartmoor Zoo. Reminds me of that old Smiths song “Panic on the streets of London, I wonder to myself, could life ever be sane again”…. erm…. NO!

Speaking of Canvaii (isn’t that an Island… rhetorical, Dear Reader, rhetorical**), I’ve finally crossed off another one of the many things on my expansive (Lotus Expansive.. the people carrier.. (“Stop this now”, Ed.).. oh, okay Boss) Task List – I’ve chosen two photos to print on canvas having procured two vouchers from GroupOn before Christmas. I’ve had the photo of Sita the Cheetah which won Dartmoor Zoo’s first photo competition printed on a large board and so have chosen two images also taken from Dartmoor Zoo to complement this picture, one image of their Jaguar (Sovereign) and one of their male Lion (Solomon). All three will be mounted on one wall in our Dining Room, hopefully it won’t put us off our food!

As I mentioned I received a coffee (other drinks are available) mug shaped like a Canon lens for Christmas from my son, a very thoughtful present I’m sure you’ll agree. I’ve just had a very surreal moment where my brain wasn’t able to comprehend precisely what I was looking at; having had a coffee in the mug (as I said, other drinks are available*), I took it back to the kitchen where I piled it up amongst a couple of other things ready for the dishwasher but didn’t pay them much attention when I left them there. Having returned to the scene of the crime, I did a double take after seeing what appeared to be one of my lens stacked inside a glass, ready to be washed. I know I’m not quite as careful as I could be with my camera gear, but even I wouldn’t think of cleaning a lens in such a manner.

* I’m still touting for business with the BBC and need to show my impartiality.
** See
^ form it into an acronym – now you’ll know what most Lotus owners thought of their cars!


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