Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 04/01/2012

All right Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up

Grey Squirrel, originally uploaded by

I must be going soft in my old age (that would explain why solids are moving from around my shoulders down to my middle) but I wasn’t in the least bit bothered (no I am NOT going to utter that abominable phrase) when this rascally rascal made an appearance today, and snaffled all the seeds I’d put out in the hope of attracting some of my feathered friends (my friends, you understand, but I will introduce you to them at some point – perhaps at our next party). I should really take umbrage at this interloper as it devoured the sunflower seeds as if they were going out of fashion but with the grey soul sapping winter weather enveloping us, anything that helps beat the post Christmas blues… well, it shouldn’t really be chased out of the garden.. waving a big stick and hurling abuse at it.. erm, and oh, right.. hypothetically speaking of course!

Progress has been made on the website and it should be taking traffic some time this millennium, though that probably isn’t the right attitude if I ever want to get it finished. I ran into a little snag whilst working on the website, albeit briefly, over the Christmas period – I managed to delete a whole section that had taken me a good while to get right. Due to the nature of the software I’m using, I can neither back up or version the changes and so I lost a large part of the site. Doh! I’ve now, in most parts, recreated the missing sections, leaving the one remaining sticking point that was hindering me before the festive season, namely the Shop/Store/Cart what ever you want to call it. The idea of working out the complexities of postage and packaging had become a real Elephant*, an African Elephant at that – I’m just glad I’m not trying to send said elephant through the postal system, though I would have plenty of space to attach the stamps to, it would cost me an arm and a leg.. and possibly a trunk as well. I’m going to have to see how the shipping charges work out from the first few transactions, presuming of course that someone would be daft enough to actually purchase something of mine.

Oh that reminds me; I mentioned, just before Christmas, that one of my photos that had been displayed at the Library was being offered as one of the prizes in a raffle the Library was running. I hadn’t specified which of the photos was to be entered, deciding to leave that to the person who won. I was pleased with the image they chose as it’s a personal favourite of mine, the photograph of two Macaws I took at the beginning of 2011 (an eon ago!) – please because this was an image that took 30 minutes to actually achieve – I really ought to learn where the shutter button is in future. As soon as I saw the two birds in close proximity, the image of them that I finally managed to capture popped into my head – sadly it didn’t pop into the birds heads otherwise they may have been faster to oblige than they were… mind you, knowing how belligerent these Wolf-In-Sheep’s-Clothing birds can be.. they were probably toying with me the whole time.

*”Elephant in the room”, rather than being a new idiom was first recorded in 1959 – see, there really is nothing new (well, with the exception of my musings and photographs of course**)
** “Oh… of… course….”, Ed. (that was heavy on sarcasm if the full stops did not fully convey such sentiment).



  1. The colors and the details of this photo are incredibles.

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