Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 31/12/2011

They Think It’s All Over…

.. it is now! A highly over used term since first being uttered during the 1966 world cup final (Football.. the real football, where foot is used to co-ordinate a ball as I’ve said before) between Germany and England (England won) but one that is highly appropriate for the final blog of 2011 and one needed to complete my 2011 New Year’s Resolution – to blog each day of the year. It’s certainly been a journey of discovery, and whilst it’s not always been easy (to read or write), it’s not always been fun (again.. to read or write), in fact it’s not always made sense (… you get the drift… to read… yadda yadda yadda) but it’s certainly been a huge life changing experience; one that I feel I’m on the verge of exploiting more in 2012.

The images uploaded to Flickr today are amongst my favourite images taken in 2011; it’s no coincidence all five were taken in Kenya – one of the best places to get up close and personal to such magnificent wild* creatures in the world – though I suspect there are many more – I need to investigate all possibilities. Whilst I would love to return to Kenya, there are a number of animals and birds that I would love to photograph that don’t reside in the reserves through this eastern African country. I particularly want to photograph Brown Hyena, these are found in Africa but lower down in Botswana and Namibia – the former of these being the most inviting as it has an incredibly rich environment centred around the largest inland river delta in the world, the Okavango Delta. It’s only a pipe dream at the moment, but you’ve got a have a dream (South Pacific anyone?).

I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey as much as I have, I have valued every “like”, every comment on my posts, each one has helped me keep focused on reaching my goal. You will excuse me if, instead of my usual epistle, I cut this blog short – wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Thank you all for your time and I’ll see you on the other side**

*Livid.. I’d eaten all the soop (a favourite punchline from the year (sadly not one of mine though))
** Well, you don’t think I could give up all this writing just like that – 2012 is going to be as busy as 2011, and I’ll just have to put my activities and opinions down on my little square of the internet.



  1. CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN! Well done Andrew, that really is an achievement for a man with a camera, a wife, kids, a job….etc.

    Happy, healthy and prosperous N Y to you and your family.

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