Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 30/12/2011

is that a monster coming over the hill*

kenya, originally uploaded by

I’m now only around 1200 words away from my final goal, and whilst words may not be as free flowing as they have been I’m no less excited about blogging and more importantly the opportunities 2012 could offer. Whilst I have stopped up to see the new year in in previous year, it’s always seemed something of an anticlimax but there must be something in the air, the water or even the ether as I’m really excited by all the possibilities 2012 offers at the moment, and even the things that aren’t on offer currently – perhaps I’ve been saving it all up for this moment.

On of the most joyous songs you’ll ever hear, can reduce me to tears in the blink of an eye… why? You’re going to hear it a lot more next year, and hopefully witness it in situ.. in the film We Bought A Zoo – the confusingly titled “Hoppipolla” by Sigur Ros. Who know why art can touch us in such ways, well.. probably psychologist, but I seem to be shunning the world of logic in favour of the arts – that’s what we need to make the world go round rather than economics and business. Perhaps it’s because as well as writing a blog a day, and uploading photos to flickr each day – I’ve also been growing my hair for all of 2011, perhaps it’s the hippy mentality (this of course is contrary to the punk ethos – though that was more to do with the revulsion of the 12 minute guitar solo than any personal ethos that the counter culture may have held dear to it).

I’ve been bandying around a number of ideas for 2012 challenges, in fact I have a post-it note (other sticky memo notelets are available, but none spring to mind) on my desk which is completely full with ideas – this one hasn’t found it’s way on there but it’s an easy one that I will probably adhere to as much as any other idea. I’ve often mentioned how I don’t use any form of digital manipulation with my photography but I think it’s time to start experimenting to see what else I can do with my photos.

The light levels are still pretty poor at the moment, and whilst I have picked up the camera today, the resulting photos don’t really amount to much, certainly nothing that I would post on Flickr but then I’m not sure whether I’m really such a good judge as to what is good and bad. I’ve posted a number of photos on my photo stream recently, mostly out of desperation, and they’ve managed a much better reception that I would have given them. Show’s you what I know.

* The Automatic


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