Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 28/12/2011

Carpe Commeditor

Cheetah, originally uploaded by

I’m glad Christmas is coming to an end, whilst I’ve not had any snacks I’ve still eaten like a gannet and whilst I don’t want to crow too much, I’ve cooked some rather good meals. There’s no let up either, I’ll be up with the larks as I have to spend eight hours sitting at the desk in my office working and whilst this may be a bitter pill to swallow I might manage an hour or two working on my new website which has become a bit of an albatross around my neck. Once up and running, I’ll be watching my email like a hawk to see when or whether I manage to sell some of my work.

I thought I’d take you out birdwatching in today’s blog.. you’ve already seen a pigeon.. did you see it? Pigeon Latin to give it it’s full title (well google latin more like!), and as for the previous paragraph, well there were another seven birds to add to your tick list (did you get them all? if so, give yourself a shiny).

Today’s title – “sieze the photograph” (of course camera’s hadn’t been invented then hence pigeon latin), I should have taken more photographs during my day out at Kew Gardens as I have exhausted (I’m still puffin’ from the exertion) what images I took. As I mentioned I was anticipating a trip to London Zoo yesterday and so made a pledge not to spend all day taking pictures at Kew – I tend to get a bit engrossed when out with my gear – hence the low image count for the day.

Whilst preparing for a day at the zoo, I downloaded and cleared all my memory cards, and found these images taken at Whipsnade Zoo, which had been overlooked. What more can I say about Cheetahs (you’ll have to wait and see, later in the year, when I get round to writing a book on them) – they’re simply gorgeous aren’t they? I suspect there may well be one.. or possibly two photos of these graceful creatures posted to Flickr in 2012.. I might even find time to write a blog or two about them as well.


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