Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 27/12/2011

4 More Days… *

I can’t believe I have four more days left of the mammoth (all hairy with big tusks) task, blogging for a whole year. It certainly has been an experience and with people signing up each day, a rewarding one (chicken soup for the soul, without the chicken… or the soup). Looking at the statistics, it would appear people prefer the rather sillier blogs, blogs such as yesterday, where even I was confused with all the cross references – of course, those type of blogs take longer to write unless I’m “in my zone” (I don’t have an oyster card so am not sure which zone I’m allowed to travel in with the ticket I have) in which case it all comes very easily (despite all the perspiration on my forehead, don’t let that fool you Dear Reader… it’s just warm in here).

Today has been a day of two halves (as some soccer pundit once said) – the plan had been to venture out to London Zoo but with everyone still tired from the Christmas festivities, it seemed prudent to stay at home.. well, not exactly – but not to venture outside the county anyway. Instead of a trip to the capital’s capital menagerie, we ended up at the local garden centre where we bought the aquarium, not before we’d checked the water quality of the tank (which was perfect). We returned with three new additions to the Skelton household, three Neon Tetras – the first of hopefully many (many in the case equalling 10 inhabitants). So far so good, the fish seem to have acclimatised to their new environment, though one did have us worried for a while as it managed to find a nook (.. it could have been a cranny, no it was definitely a nook) where it had hidden itself away and so for more than a couple of minutes we looked around the aquarium frantically trying to locate the missing tetra (of course if anything had happened to it, it would have been bobbing on the surface, belly up). It does seem ludicrous, now, that a fish could give us the slip in a 15 litre tank – I suspect I might need to visit the opticians in 2012 (that’s not a New Year’s Resolution by the way).

Speaking of which I guess I should starting thinking about a new New Year’s Resolution – more importantly, give more thought to 2012’s aims than 5 minutes before the chimes to herald in 2011, with a jaunty “I know, how about blogging 365?” – I’m sure if I give more thought to the ideas I can manage to come up with even more preposterous edicts that will impinge on daily life for the forthcoming year… a glutton for punishment (sounds like a name for an album if ever I’ve heard one!)

*Apparently “4 more days” was a 2003 movie – I haven’t seen it – that’s a given really.



  1. Well done Andrew – (and so you should be with all this verbal/digital diarrhoea you have been pouring out) – it must be great to finally see the finish line in sight, give yourself a pat on the back and a large scotch (or Irish if you prefer)! I have a NY’s resolution for you, get to work on that book now! Do you want to famous or not?
    I have a couple of resolutions in mind for me sen, but I’m binding my time, and in the words of the famous W C Fields when he was caught reading the Bible, “I’m looking for a loophole!”
    Best wishes

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