Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 23/12/2011

Christmas Eve’s Eve

You know it’s Christmas when you’ve watched either The Snowman or It’s a Wonderful Life, and you know it’s time to get the turkey (other types of poultry are available*) out of the freezer when you’ve watched both iconic Christmas films back to back (it’s better back to back – you don’t get to see the TV as much, having said that watching It’s a Wonderful Life was on my insistence.. and I did have a box of tissues on hand ready for when I needed to wipe away the tears (no facetious comments there, for once, I love the film).

Isn’t technology fantastic (that was a rhetorical question)? Having over done it, watching two films in one day, I retired to my sick bed where I was still able to work on the website whilst browsing the web for some ideas for today’s blog on my tablet (no, I haven’t been holding up my paracetamol to the light to see if there’s information in them of interest.. that was yesterday when the fever was bad). I’ve configured the tablet to automatically update all the apps I’ve installed on there whenever it has a WiFi connection. Sometimes the updates are minor bug fixes, other times they’re major functional updates and at such times it feels like Christmas has come early – and this is never more true than the recent update to the WordPress App for Android. The previous application was basic to say the least but the developers have pulled out all the stops and have completely re-written the program – and now… well, WOW! I’ve worked in the Software Industry for long enough now to be no so wowed by apps, but this new revision provides all the functionality I want and need to keep the blog running when not near a PC (hard luck, there’s nothing stopping me now!)

The aquarium is all ready for some live inhabitants now, and whilst we were told that we didn’t need any aquatic plants in the small 15 litre tanks we purchased, we’ve added two “carrot top” plants into the watery scape to enhance the look of the environment as well as give the fish greater scope to hid away when I get my camera out. The aquarium looks really great, and I’m really looking forward to our first fish to arrive, two Neon Tetra; we’ve already decided on names for them, though unless these diminutive fish have diverse personalities I’m not sure how we’re going to tell them apart – it’s not like we can give them name badges.

* I’m hoping for a job with the BBC, and it’s important to be impartial if you want to work there – though perhaps not as impartial as Jeremy Clarkson, and is recent comments.


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