Posted by: Andrew Skelton | 22/12/2011

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Thunderbirds are GO!*

Masked Lapwing, originally uploaded by

Cough… cough… cough.. no, I’m not trying to attract your attention – I’m just summarising exactly what my day has entailed… oh, yes.. and sneeze… sneeze… sneeze. Not very exciting I know but I do like to you up to date with all my news even if there isn’t any. I am hoping that with some rest and recuperation I will have my new website (which isn’t really that new now) up and running and replacing the one that can be currently found at

This website hasn’t been updated in years which in internet terms… well, years really. This site is actually my second attempt at a portfolio site for my photography but neither of the iterations were particularly successful as both were difficult to update, and as we all know the internet is all about continuously moving content, people stop visiting static sites – which is fair enough, there’s nothing new to see after all. My new site will be incredibly easy to both navigate as a user and update as an administrator so hopefully it will do for my photography what the other two didn’t – get more people interested in my work (and hopefully words).

The major advance, way beyond the ease with which I can update the site, is the ability to sell some of my work through the site.. yes, it will have a shop! The shop itself has been fairly easy to concoct but I’ve been stuck on how I’ll represent the items in the shop ie posters, canvas’s, which hopefully I’ve managed to do now. There is the added complication of postage and packaging to consider; to start with I will only be able to offer to UK addresses but hope to rectify that soon after – at the moment there’s little chance, dosed up as I am on cold remedies, of me being able to simple maths, let alone tackling the complexities of international mail.

*International Rescue… International Mail… oh well suit yourself, it’s the best I can come up with with a head cold.


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